Boundaries and Breakthroughs

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I recently talked with a client about healthy boundaries. We see the importance of physical boundaries, so we wear winter coats when the temperatures drop, we wear sunscreen at the beach, carry umbrellas on rainy days. These are about protecting yourself. But there are boundaries that are not just about self-protection but they include respect for the other, like traffic boundaries. We stick to our lane, we allow two car lengths on the highway, we understand the stop and go at a 4-way stop. There is no resentment when we keep these boundaries, nothing passive aggressive about it. It is rooted in community and respect.

The best part of this job is the ‘breakthrough’. It’s the moment when something shifts -an understanding, an insight- and we both feel it, we both know that nothing will be the same after that. I am glad to say that so far, each of my clients has had a significant breakthrough. I am encouraged by these testimonials.

“I received coaching to help improve my relationship, but Patricia gave me coaching to help improve who I am in any relationship.

As a coach, I found Patricia was able to put me at ease and I was comfortable discussing just about anything with her. Having my sessions online was also very convenient. I often had my morning tea as we talked.

I would definitely recommend Patricia as a coach to help you attain the results you’re looking for and more.”


“Through our coaching sessions, Patricia DeWit guided me towards practical thinking behaviours and concrete action goals. Before our coaching began, I felt depressed with the way my behaviour appeared to others, the future seemed foggy, and I was unable to express happiness consistently. I had been meeting with a couple of psychiatrists and psychologists, and although their treatments were effective they lacked the genuine care and human emotional connection. Once Patricia had begun to coach me, she was able to define the series of my obstacles and create forward-thinking solutions for each of them. Her deep-level empathy and soft follow-through approach really helped me gain a new vision for my future, not to mention self-confidence. Now I consistently use the methods she taught me. It has been two years since our last coaching session and since then I have only been able to grow. If you feel at all like I did or would like non-judgmental guidance about something that you feel contributes to lowering the value of your life, I would highly recommend you reach out to Patricia.”


“I so appreciate your inspiration, you have been a tremendous support and guide for us. I skyped with my dear friend yesterday as well and she too expressed how significant your coaching is in her life at present. She is making great strides.”

Finding Inspiration


I am constantly gathering inspiration. It is easy to get dragged into the negative current. With discipline and new rituals, we break debilitating patterns and become who we want to be. Ultimately, we like ourselves.

My inspiration doesn’t usually come from nature. I think nature is God’s napkin doodle but people are his masterpiece.

So my imagination is captured by people -all ages, shapes, colours- and the things they create…

Some of my favorite artists and illustrators…

Scott W Mason

Holly Exley

Richard Haines

and podcasters with provocative thoughts or meditations

Krista Tippett

Rob Bell 

Richard Rohr

I’d be interested to know what helps you shift your focus out of negativity and into a place that leaves you inspired!



Last spring I offered a live life-coaching course for children called “iCreate”. I wanted to nudge the creative courage that comes so naturally in childhood, yet is too often snuffed out by fear as we get older. I challenged my students to let go of their idea of ‘perfect outcomes’, and to just start creating.

Creating begets creativity.

Creativity isn’t just about art. We talked about what might prevent us from being creative- situationally, relationally, as well as artistically- and then set out to systematically challenge each perceived obstacle.

The 9-hour time differences made it a bit challenging sometimes, and I was up after midnight for some, but as I read these letters and feedback, it was so worth it!

 “Our daughter Mia was a participant in Patricia’s art coaching classes conducted via Skype. We didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to sign her up as Mia was an art lover from early childhood. Knowing Patricia’s work, we knew it would be extremely beneficial. The outcome was truly outstanding! It superseded our expectations in all ways. Mia learned not only great tips and techniques from Patricia but grew in her perceptions and understanding of art and creativity. She especially treasured the one-on-one coaching time, Patricia’s undivided attention and the personal interest she received from her teacher. Mia really loved every session and would be happy to continue her course indefinitely. As parents, we truly valued this incredible input into our daughter’s development from Patricia. She is not only a highly talented artist herself but also an exceptionally gifted coach!” Anna



“Pat worked beautifully with my 4 children and introduced them to looking at the world through the lens of creativity. Each child has a unique way of learning and interacting and she worked with each one gently and with great encouragement. They were able to learn some fundamentals of drawing, watercolours, mixing colours, and how to create unique and beautiful artwork. She taught them see an object, to break it down, and recreate it on paper in their own way. They looked forward to their class each week and delighted in their work. I would highly recommend working with Pat!” Kristen


“I loved hanging out with Pat for a few weeks while learning about different way to paint, draw, and colour. I got to draw with my mouth, foot, and not even looking at the paper. We learned how to shadow, water-paint, proportions, and dimensions. My favourite part was drawing character sketches and learning how to draw them looking realistically. Thank-you Pat!!” Cassidy, 14.

“I loved taking art lessons with Pat because she really challenged my inner artist while having me go outside my comfort zone. I got to draw with my left hand, while blindfolded, and learn about dimension. My favourite part was watercolour. I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest and creating my own works. Thanks, Pat!!” Marley, 16.



There’s a Boogeyman in My Very Clean Washroom



The boogeyman is real. It sneaks into life, disguised as your best work, so most of the time you don’t even know it’s there. To see if the boogeyman is stalking you, then find your ‘whys’.


A clean house is very important to me. A clean house is not a bad thing. But the reason for a my love of a clean house? Oh my! The reason goes back to a ten-year-old me in grade 5. I had invited a friend home, on the spur of the moment, after school. She stayed a few hours, then went home for supper. The next day when I walked into class I heard her saying to a group, “And besides all the dirty dishes, they don’t flush the toilet!” She was talking about my house!


From that day on I found my life purpose. I could never let that happen again. Enter my boogeyman disguised as a love for  cleanliness. My mother started calling me ‘Bathroom Annie’, that’s how obsessed I’d become with cleaning the washroom, especially if people were coming over.


It’s great when kids gain household skills and a sense of responsibility, but those were not the reasons behind my actions. My goal was to never ever be caught again with a messy house, where no one would ever accuse us of not flushing the toilet. But how do you measure success or when do you get to feel fulfilled with that type of goal?


This happens a lot in parenting, in choosing relationships and life partners, in making big life decisions. We don’t want to repeat that mistake again, we vow we won’t make the same mistakes our parents made, we don’t want to get hurt again, don’t want  our kids to experience the pain we experienced.


But what does success look like when our goals are about what we DON’T want?


“I succeeded in avoiding all complicated relationships and now feel so fulfilled in my life”?

“I succeeded in not being blue-collar like my dad and now I can die happy.”?

“I succeeded in not repeating the same mistakes with my kids that my parents made with me.”?


I will let you in on a little secret: This is not success. This is obsession. And it is exhausting.


Yes, we succeed in avoiding the boogeyman, but this is not how to achieve growth.


As your Life Coach, in 6 1-hr sessions, I will…

  1. Help you look at your fear-based “whys”; I’m going to force you to be honest with yourself, to identify the moment in time you met your boogeyman.
  2. Help you uncover your lost and forgotten truth-based “whys”; this often feels like being born again and comes with deep emotion and a sense of purpose..
  3. Help you will discover your best game plan going forward in growth and resulting in a fulfilled life.


Sounds simple? It’s never simple. But it is worth it in order to find fulfillment and success beyond avoiding a life spent trying to avoid the boogeyman!


I Am An Artist

I am an artistSanta brought us a chalkboard for Christmas, the kind that covered the entire wall of the playroom. Dad hung it up, so securely,  I’m pretty sure it still hangs on that wall to this day. With dusty fingers I became an expert at drawing medieval  princesses, crooked apple trees, erupting volcanoes and all sorts of flowers. I learned to draw and label the entire human skeletal system on that board as well as the map of Canada, naming all its provinces, capital cities, lakes and rivers.

I have always been a person who draws. When we moved to pastor a church in a small town on the Gaspé peninsula, I went into the mall, offering to paint Christmas scenes of fireplaces and stockings on shop windows for $10 a window.

A few years later a wonderful artist near Quebec city taught me the beauty and movement of oils. I gave most of these paintings away as gifts, sold a few, and some still hang in my in-law’s living room.

Then we moved to Thailand and along came adversity which warred against my creativity. Adversity won. For almost twenty years I didn’t draw or paint. In 2012 my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He survived a 7-hour surgery, which was a complete success. This shook me awake, made me realise that tomorrow is not a guarantee, that there will never be a perfect time, circumstance or situation that will allow me to start creating again. So I started doodling. I remembered the chalkboard, and the way I used to confidently tell everyone “I’m an artist”.

On Facebook I stumbled upon some urban sketches of a local Thai artist, and my soul was stirred by the beauty of practiced imperfection. How can someone get away with art that looks so sloppy but so beautiful at the same time? I called him, we met up. Since that day I have been determined to become a watercolour artist.

Seth Godin said it takes 10,000 hours of doing something until you become an expert. I couldn’t imagine anything more fun than 10,000  hours of practicing with watercolours.

So for the last 4 years, I have been studying and practicing. I painted through our move from Bangkok to Paris, France, where we now live. Has it been 10,000 hours yet? I don’t know. Among the practices have been a few good flukes. But more importantly, the images I paint have been something intentional and something I can do again and again.

I am excited to share this with you, and once I click ‘publish’ there is no turning back. I am an artist!