Boundaries and Breakthroughs

Boundaries and Breakthroughs.jpg

I recently talked with a client about healthy boundaries. We see the importance of physical boundaries, so we wear winter coats when the temperatures drop, we wear sunscreen at the beach, carry umbrellas on rainy days. These are about protecting yourself. But there are boundaries that are not just about self-protection but they include respect for the other, like traffic boundaries. We stick to our lane, we allow two car lengths on the highway, we understand the stop and go at a 4-way stop. There is no resentment when we keep these boundaries, nothing passive aggressive about it. It is rooted in community and respect.

The best part of this job is the ‘breakthrough’. It’s the moment when something shifts -an understanding, an insight- and we both feel it, we both know that nothing will be the same after that. I am glad to say that so far, each of my clients has had a significant breakthrough. I am encouraged by these testimonials.

“I received coaching to help improve my relationship, but Patricia gave me coaching to help improve who I am in any relationship.

As a coach, I found Patricia was able to put me at ease and I was comfortable discussing just about anything with her. Having my sessions online was also very convenient. I often had my morning tea as we talked.

I would definitely recommend Patricia as a coach to help you attain the results you’re looking for and more.”


“Through our coaching sessions, Patricia DeWit guided me towards practical thinking behaviours and concrete action goals. Before our coaching began, I felt depressed with the way my behaviour appeared to others, the future seemed foggy, and I was unable to express happiness consistently. I had been meeting with a couple of psychiatrists and psychologists, and although their treatments were effective they lacked the genuine care and human emotional connection. Once Patricia had begun to coach me, she was able to define the series of my obstacles and create forward-thinking solutions for each of them. Her deep-level empathy and soft follow-through approach really helped me gain a new vision for my future, not to mention self-confidence. Now I consistently use the methods she taught me. It has been two years since our last coaching session and since then I have only been able to grow. If you feel at all like I did or would like non-judgmental guidance about something that you feel contributes to lowering the value of your life, I would highly recommend you reach out to Patricia.”


“I so appreciate your inspiration, you have been a tremendous support and guide for us. I skyped with my dear friend yesterday as well and she too expressed how significant your coaching is in her life at present. She is making great strides.”


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