Last spring I offered a live life-coaching course for children called “iCreate”. I wanted to nudge the creative courage that comes so naturally in childhood, yet is too often snuffed out by fear as we get older. I challenged my students to let go of their idea of ‘perfect outcomes’, and to just start creating.

Creating begets creativity.

Creativity isn’t just about art. We talked about what might prevent us from being creative- situationally, relationally, as well as artistically- and then set out to systematically challenge each perceived obstacle.

The 9-hour time differences made it a bit challenging sometimes, and I was up after midnight for some, but as I read these letters and feedback, it was so worth it!

 “Our daughter Mia was a participant in Patricia’s art coaching classes conducted via Skype. We didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity to sign her up as Mia was an art lover from early childhood. Knowing Patricia’s work, we knew it would be extremely beneficial. The outcome was truly outstanding! It superseded our expectations in all ways. Mia learned not only great tips and techniques from Patricia but grew in her perceptions and understanding of art and creativity. She especially treasured the one-on-one coaching time, Patricia’s undivided attention and the personal interest she received from her teacher. Mia really loved every session and would be happy to continue her course indefinitely. As parents, we truly valued this incredible input into our daughter’s development from Patricia. She is not only a highly talented artist herself but also an exceptionally gifted coach!” Anna



“Pat worked beautifully with my 4 children and introduced them to looking at the world through the lens of creativity. Each child has a unique way of learning and interacting and she worked with each one gently and with great encouragement. They were able to learn some fundamentals of drawing, watercolours, mixing colours, and how to create unique and beautiful artwork. She taught them see an object, to break it down, and recreate it on paper in their own way. They looked forward to their class each week and delighted in their work. I would highly recommend working with Pat!” Kristen


“I loved hanging out with Pat for a few weeks while learning about different way to paint, draw, and colour. I got to draw with my mouth, foot, and not even looking at the paper. We learned how to shadow, water-paint, proportions, and dimensions. My favourite part was drawing character sketches and learning how to draw them looking realistically. Thank-you Pat!!” Cassidy, 14.

“I loved taking art lessons with Pat because she really challenged my inner artist while having me go outside my comfort zone. I got to draw with my left hand, while blindfolded, and learn about dimension. My favourite part was watercolour. I love looking for inspiration on Pinterest and creating my own works. Thanks, Pat!!” Marley, 16.




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