Your Life Coach

You begin with a free, no-strings-attached 30-minute consultation where we map a plan for your progress. This is where you talk, and with the help of some good questions, you articulate your goals and set your timeline.


The Sprint

The Sprint is an 8-hour course, over 8 weeks, where you engage the following aspects of your life and how they affect your progress, growth, and fulfillment (this is a proposed timeline, but due to your personal needs there may be changes along the way):

Week 1. Willpower vs Personal Values: which one provides sustainable success and progress? (Where you find the ability to follow through)

Week 2. Adversity, and Stressors: can I make them go away? (Where you find out if you are a victim of life’s circumstances)

Week 3. Sustainable Motivation: WHY do I do what I do? (Where you see how you have been doing all the right things but perhaps for all the wrong reasons)

Week 4. Assessing Your Progress: how far have I come? ( Where you pat yourself on the back)

Week 5. Belief System and Identity:  are my beliefs serving me, or do I serve them? (Where you find your empowering belief system)

Week 6. Obstacles and Excuses: what is REALLY holding me back? (Where you become brutally honest with yourself and the lies you believe)

Week 7. Danger or Ignorance: Is the risk real or perceived? (Where you go hunting for the boogey man under the bed)

Week 8. The Next Step: Have I hit my bullseye? (Where you consider the next darts you want to throw and what will be your bullseye)


The Deep Dive

The Deep Dive continues (3-months, 4 more hours) beyond The Sprint. It is particularly important if you are going through challenges

Week 9. In Transition : where you navigate that move to a new job, a new city, a new country

Week 10. In Love: where you reconsider your expectations, disappointments, betrayals, hopes

Week 11. In Family: where you reset healthy boundaries and lift the weight of resentment

Week 12. In Chaos: where you reorder your life with new rituals and habits


The Immersive Adventure

Sometimes it requires radical action in order to access your best self. If you dare, The Immersive Adventure is where you and a friend/spouse/partner spend 4-days and nights in a yet-to-be-determined destination. You will experience your own customised adventure that will indelibly impact and inform your personal growth.



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