Truth In Love of Fashion

14 May

A funny thing, men’s fashion. Here are some of the looks on the summer 2012 runway.


Um, like, you can’t wear that if you, like, want to hang out with us.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; when we ‘tell the truth in love’ it should be about TRUTH, and not your personal perspective; it’s a chance for unleashing beauty instead of an excuse for exposing what bugs you about others.

Now for someone, these outfits were beautiful enough to find their way into recognition and onto the runway.


Somebody needs to take a designer to intervention dinner.

For anyone who believes that the Truth shall set you free, please stop quoting bible verses just so you can express a personal beef.


Truth: that suit is blue. Love: you are unique and brave to wear it.

A young man I know was invited out for dinner. Little did he know that his two ‘friends’ were setting him up for a wardrobe intervention. “You shouldn’t wear those pants. And, um, like, those shorts? You know those plaid ones…like, um, are you serious?”

I don’t know if they paid for his meal or not, but he sure paid for their self-indulgent-self-righteous snobbery badly disguised as ‘tell you the truth in love.’ It was more like, ‘Um, like, if you want to be with us you have to stop, um, like dressing like that.’

There was no setting free in that, no love, no truth in it either. Unless, um, you’re, like, you’re a redneck.


There’s, um, like too many of you for one dinner. Like, doesn’t anyone own tweed anymore?

One Response to “Truth In Love of Fashion”

  1. mj monaghan June 9, 2012 at 12:00 am #

    Hmm, I actually like a couple of those looks. And you bring up a great point.

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